Purple Heart Occasional/Sofa Table

Purple Heart Occasional/Sofa Table


Purple Heart (Peltogyne) is found in the rain forests in Central and South America. The tree grows between 100 to 170 feet tall and can be as big as three and a half feet in diameter. The heartwood turns from a lighter brown to a deep purple when cut. Over time with exposure to UV light the color becomes more of a chocolate-purple. This purple heart is from Costa Rica where it was harvested under government guidelines for sustainability. Epoxy and resin was used in the natural voids of the wood.

Jasper means speckled stone and is an aggregate of quartz, chalcedony and various minerals. Jasper can be brown, red, green, yellow, blue or a combination of those colors. Red is most common because of the iron content. Blue is considered rare. This jasper is a hybrid of red, brown and yellow. 

This is 85.5 inches long and 19 inches wide. It is occasional table height at 30 inches.

The finish contains four coats of tung oil that create the beautiful natural finish. This is available at the Gallery at el Pedregal in Scottsdale, AZ.

Shipping is available. Contact us for more information; 206-679-4084 or email us! 


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