Buckeye Burl Coffee Table

Buckeye Burl Coffee Table


This unique buckeye burl coffee table is inlayed with stone, copper and wood. 

Buckeye Burl also known as Aesculus californica is native to California, southern Oregon and Ohio. It has swirling grain patterns with a mixture of blue, grey, black and gold which blend in a beautiful color contrast. Buckeye Burl is one of the lightest and softest woods. A burl is created when a tree encounters stress which may be from a virus, fungus or an injury. Most burls grow under the ground attaching to the roots of the tree. They are not typically not found until the tree dies or falls over. This burl is from Ohio.

Jasper is the stone and cooper is the inlay used with this piece. There are also three pieces of maple burl used in the center void. Jasper comes in various colors and is found in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oregon, Idaho and Texas. The jasper used in this table is from Arizona and New Mexico.

The finish contains three coats of Tung oil; sanded after each coat. Tung oil brings out the unique characteristics of the wood.

This was a commissioned work that encompassed six weeks production time. We can create a custom Buckeye burl table for you. Just click here to contact us!

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