Carob Chargers

Carob Chargers


Carob also known as St. John's bread and locust tree originated in the eastern Mediterranean. Spanish missionaries introduced carob into Mexico and southern California in the1800’s. The tree was also planted in Texas, Arizona, California and Florida.

Carob is an evergreen perennial growing to 50 to 55 feet with a wide spread that casts a dense shade.  The trunk in a mature tree can be as big as 33 inches round. The heartwood is hard and close-grained ranging in color from light brown to soft pinks and light reds.  

In some areas carob is grown for its edible pods. The ripe, dried pod is ground to carob powder to create carob bars available in health-food stores.

The finish contains two coats of Tung oil sanded after each coat. Tung oil brings out the unique characteristics of the carob. To maintain the beauty avoid using cleaning solutions instead use water in a damp rag. Remove the excess moisture with a clean towel. For polishing a beeswax solution such as Howard Feed-N-Wax or Artisan Lemon Oil Wax is good. Just follow the directions from the manufacturer. Questions, you can call us anytime at 206-679-4084. Enjoy!

The Carob Chargers are available Cowbells Western Interiors 7100 E. Cave Creek Rd, Cave Creek, AZ  480-299-5816

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