Maple Burl with Turquorise and Jasper Inlay

Maple Burl with Turquorise and Jasper Inlay


Maple burl also known as Acer nigrum, Acer rubrum and Acer saccharum is native to the United States and Canada. The curly figure pattern appears in the soft maple varieties of maple. The curly figure is when the grain is distorted into a wavy pattern which is sometimes referred to as tiger maple or fiddleback.

Chyrsocolla, one of the inlays, is a hydrated phyllosilicate mineral. It comes from Greek chrysos meaning ‘gold’ and kola ‘glue’ although its color is typically a combination of blue and green. Chyrsocolla is found in the United States in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico. Michigan, Pennsylvania and Idaho. The Chyrsocolla used in this table is from Arizona.

Copper, also an inlay, is a pure metal found in nature and was the first metal to be worked into implements. It was the first metal to be smelted. In the US it is mined in many states including New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Minnesota and Michigan.

The finish contains five coats of Tung oil with a touch of varnish to create a harder surface. It was sanded after each coat.

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