Mesquite Coffee Table

Mesquite Coffee Table


This mesquite coffee table is inlayed with jasper and Chrysocolla.  

There are over forty types of Mesquite, genus Prosopis. Native to the southwestern US and Mexico. Mesquite originates from the deserts in the southern United States and northeastern Mexico. This mesquite is from Arizona. 

Jasper means speckled stone and is an aggegrate of quartz, chalcedony and various minerals. Jasper can be brown, red, green, yellow, blue or a combination of those colors. Red is most common because of the iron content. Blue is considered rare. .

Chyrsocolla, the inlay, is a hydrated phyllosilicate mineral. It comes from Greek chrysos meaning ‘gold’ and kola ‘glue’ although its color is typically a combination of blue and green. Chyrsocolla is found in the United States in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico. Michigan, Pennsylvania and Idaho. The Chyrsocolla used in this table is from Arizona.

The finish contains seven coats of Tung oil; sanded after each coat. Tung oil brings out the unique characteristics of the mesquite.

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