Mosaic 21

Mosaic 21


Mosaic 21 is buckeye burl with twenty-one pieces of stone and seven different stone powder inlay. The dimensions are: 

Length:        53” Width:          29” Depth:         3”

Buckeye Burl also known as Aesculus californica is native to California and southern Oregon. It has swirling grain patterns with a mixture of blue, grey, black and gold which blend in a beautiful color contrast. Buckeye Burl is one of the lightest and softest woods. A burl is created when a tree encounters stress which may be from a virus, fungus or an injury. Most burls grow under the ground attaching to the roots of the tree. They are not typically not found until the tree dies or falls over.

 The stone ranges from Sonoran Sunset jasper to several different agates. The inlay is pyrite, malachite, turquoise, chrysocolla, copper and yellow jasper. Jasper which means “speckled stone” and is an aggregate of quartz, chalcedony and various minerals. Jasper can be brown, red, green, yellow, blue or a combination of those colors. Red is most common because of the iron content. Blue is considered rare. Agate is made up of cryptocrystalline silica with quartz. Agate is a variety of colors and is typically associated with volcanic rocks. Copper is the inlay. It is found in multiple states in the U.S. including Utah, Arizona, Montana, Michigan and New Mexico

 The finish contains four coats of Tung oil; sanded after each coat. Tung oil brings out the unique characteristics of the wood. To maintain the beauty of the Buckeye burl avoid using cleaning solutions instead use water in a damp rag. Remove the excess moisture with a clean towel. For polishing a beeswax solution such as Howard Feed-N-Wax or Artisan Lemon Oil Wax is good. Just follow the directions from the manufacturer. Questions, you can call us anytime at 206-679-4084. Enjoy!

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