Mesquite Burl End Table with Turquoise

Mesquite Burl End Table with Turquoise


There are over forty types of Mesquite, genus Prosopis. Native to the southwestern US and Mexico. Mesquite originates from the deserts in the southern United States and northeastern Mexico. This mesquite is from Arizona. The dimensions are 22” x 19” x 24”.

 Turquoise is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum that is a green to blue mineral. The ancient Greeks called it “callais” but the word turquoise is French “tuquois” meaning Turkish; Turkey is where it was first brought from to Europe. to Europe.  


The finish contains four coats of Tung oil; sanded after each coat. Tung oil brings out the unique characteristics of the mesquite. To maintain the beauty of the mesquite avoid using cleaning solutions instead use water in a damp rag. Remove the excess moisture with a clean towel. For polishing a beeswax solution such as Howard Feed-N-Wax or Artisan Lemon Oil Wax is good. Just follow the directions from the manufacturer. Questions, you can call us anytime at 206-679-4084. Enjoy!

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