Live Edge Purple Heart Entry Way Bench

Live Edge Purple Heart Entry Way Bench


This Purple Heart is from the rain forests in Costa Rica. The dimensions are:  Length:  42”, Width:  19½”, Depth: 3”

Purple Heart (Peltogyne) is found in the rain forests in Central and South America. The tree grows between 100 to 170 feet tall and can be as big as three and a half feet in diameter. The heartwood turns from a lighter brown to a deep purple when cut. Over time with exposure to UV light the color becomes more of a chocolate-purple. This purple heart is from Costa Rica where it was harvested under government guidelines for sustainability.

 The finish contains three coats of tung oil that create beautiful natural finish. The purple heart was sanded after each coat. To maintain the beauty of the Purple Heart avoid using cleaning solutions instead use water in a damp rag. Remove the excess moisture with a clean towel. For polishing a beeswax solution such as Howard Feed-N-Wax or Artisan Lemon Oil Wax is good. Just follow the directions from the manufacturer. Questions, you can call us anytime at 206-679-4084. Enjoy!

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